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Our patients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.









Dental Services

Regular Cleanings & Exams
Charming Smiles Family Dentistry preventive care program is designed to keep your entire family healthy.  We offer routine check-ups and examinations that will educate your entire family about maintaining healthy gums and preventing cavity formation.
Periodontal Treatment
Has it been more than a year since your last dental cleaning?  Heavy tartar build-up and plaque can cause bleeding gums, and loose teeth.  At Charming Smiles we understand the importance of keeping your gums healthy.   Each patient’s individual oral health needs are assessed and treated to keep your gums healthy.  Call to schedule your appointment.
Emergency Treatment
At Charming Smiles we provide emergency treatment to help alleviate your immediate dental pain.  Whether it’s an abscess, cracked or missing filling, or broken tooth, Charming Smiles makes your comfort our main concern.  We offer same day emergency scheduling to assess the best treatment to relieve your pain.  Call to schedule your emergency appointment.
Restorative Treatment
At Charming Smiles we use materials that will improve your smile and give you great esthetic results.  Composite fillings, porcelain/ceramic crowns, cosmetic veneers and flexible dentures are a few of the materials used to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.   Whether your teeth have been stained from early childhood, affected by decay, or fractured from trauma, Charming Smiles is here to help.  Call to schedule an appointment for your smile makeover.
Teeth Whitening
Charming Smiles provides treatment for the entire family.  In addition to regular cleanings we provide office chair side, and take home teeth whitening kits to help you reach your optimal smile goals.  Call to schedule a consultation to take advantage of the office whitening services
Invisalign is an alternative treatment to metal braces to straighten your teeth.  Call to schedule a consultation.

Taking CareOf Your Smile

At Charming Smiles Family Dentist, we accept most insurances, additionally, we offer an affordable in-office dental hygiene plan. The plan is $299 annually which covers 2 cleanings, exams, X-rays, 2 emergency visits and 25% off all your dental services. Like to learn more? Email us or give the office a call at 301-317-9020.

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